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Ecorad's Realisations

In your home since 2007. Ecorad has restored and electrified thousands of cast iron radiators throughout North-America.

What our clients say

We are very pleased with the work done on the conversion of all our radiators … our clients also really like the idea and the beauty of the work. It gives more authenticity to the B&B which is a centenary rectory, we highly appreciate, once again Congratulations!

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Mrs. Fournier, B&B Quebec

It’s more than a heater, it’s a work of art.

This is how we present them, instead of hanging paintings on the wall, we place them under the windows.

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S. Gagnon, Québec

We have equipped all our home heaters Refurbished by ECORAD. It is unusual to see the transformation of the raw product from the scrap yard in the region, to those little beads that warm our home. It gives us great pleasure to do business with these artisans that update ecological and patrimonial missions with as much heart.

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Mr. Ward, Sherbrooke

WE LOVE  our radiators that we bought from you 4 years ago. This is THE BEST heat system on the market, and the best we have ever experienced in our 50 years on this planet. We have another building on our farm heated with a heat pump. What a waste of money. The heat pump ices up in the winter, and is noisy, and blows constantly. You are never warm in that building in the winter. This testimonial is for anyone considering these refurbished radiators. Do yourself a favor, and buy them. Thank you for keeping these wonderful cast iron units alive, and repurposed!

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Laurie and John, Ontario

It is so beautiful — and quiet compared to my space heater and air source heat pump!It has already transformed the space from utilitarian guest room / entertainment storage into an elegant and welcoming space.

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Mark, Boston

Mon nouveau radiateur à plus que répondu à mes attentes. Ma salle de bain n’a jamais été aussi chaude. Vous produisez un excellent produit.

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TOM, New York

Winter is over here in Boston and I just wanted to let you know that we were warm in our home for the first time in 8 years! Every day I look at our radiators and admire their beauty and feel grateful for their warmth.

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Phoebe, Boston